I’ve been trying to improve myself, and build new habits. For the past two months I’ve been using Streaks to help with this. Some of the habits are health related, while others are personal growth.

I’ve set health goals to build habits. Taking X thousand steps a day. As you keep hitting that goal, it offers to increase the habit, and have you level up. It does the same for climbing flights of stairs. I also use the daily reminder to brush my teeth. Since its keeping track, there is a mental alarm inside to try and hit each target goal. I have fallen, but then I just work to build up the streak again.

The personal goals have been good too. I’ve got a goal to take a photo five days a week, and I’ve gotten back into the habit of taking cloudy morning sunrise pictures, or pictures of flowers that I find. Reading for 10 minutes has lead to me making progress with learning how to update puppet, and improve the devops culture at my work. My weekly goal of blogging has lead to this material you’ve seen grow here online. I do tend to put it off for the end of the week, but near the end I always find something to write about.

So set goals, build habits. And if you use iOS, give Streaks a try.