When I recently migrated to Jekyll, I went down the route of storing my blog in git. Since I’ve started to want to blog more often, I needed some way to work on posts while my main desktop was in use.

Enter Keybase.io. They have kbfs which provides me plenty of storage (10 GB) for a git repo of my blog. When I first pushed up to the repo, it took probably a few minutes to encrypt, sync, etc. But then I was able to easily clone from my work laptop, and work on another post.

Steps to set it up on my desktop:

cd repos/becoming.wise.st

git init –bare /keybase/private/becomingwisest/becoming.wise.st.git

git remote add origin /keybase/private/becomingwisest/becoming.wise.st.git

git branch -u origin/master

git push origin master

And on my laptop, its quite easy.

cd repos

git clone /keybase/private/becomingwisest/becoming.wise.st.git