As part of my better habits, I’ve been reading books more. I have a few that I’m in the middle of reading, but Continuous Delivery: Reliable Software Releases through Build, Test, and Deployment Automation is the one I’ve been using to count for my streaks. Its been nice to have access to a variety of books to read.

I’m only barely into the beginning of the book, but what it says rings true. Have your code and systems always in a state that can be deployed. Have quick tests that run on every commit to ensure we don’t break it. QA should be similar to production. Actually having things break early is a good sign, because it means it was caught close to the change, and can be fixed instead of being discovered when released. The system is more then just the code, its also the infrasturcture and configurations.

I plan on updating more as I get deeper into the book and finish it. But I’d also like to call out how Safari by O’Reilly is a great resource when you have the time to learn. Plenty of books covery many topics, and they also have videos if reading isn’t your style.